ROVAL contains 96% pure zinc powder in its dry film.
Do you know zinc rich paint?
Zinc rich paint is a paint that contains a large amount of zinc powder.
Cold galvanizing compound is classified as one of the Zinc rich paints. Among them, Cold galvanizing compound has an extremely high zinc content and has equivalent anti-corrosion performance as Hot dip galvanizing.

Why is zinc effective in preventing rust?

Metal zinc rusts more easily than iron.
By using this property, keeping the iron and zinc in close contact, only the zinc side will rust and not the iron.

zinc property

Let’s actually verify.
Prepare two steel plates and immerse one in salt water.
On the other steel plate, put a slab of zinc and immerse in salt water.

After 2 weeks, only the steel plate without zinc has rusted.
On the other hand, the steel plate carrying a slab of zinc has not rusted.
The zinc protects the iron by rusting instead of the iron.

We succeeded in raising the dry film zinc content to 96% by mixing a large amount of zinc powder into a special resin. Our competitors usually use around 70 to 80% zinc in their products, but we use a staggering 96%.
ROVAL is a paint that can maximize the anti-corrosion ability of zinc.

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