ROVAL ZC Galvanizing Repair Metallic Spray

Ideal for simple repairs of galvanized surfaces

The silver sheen color of ROVAL ZC Galvanizing Repair Metallic Spray blends in with the color of hot-dip galvanized surfaces.
69% zinc in its dry film provides effective anti-corrosion performance and the aluminum pigments creates barrier protection. Suitable for repairing un-galvanized surfaces and for small touch-ups.

Simple repairs of galvanized surfaces

Color weathering of ROVAL ZC

The film of ROVAL ZC weathers the same as galvanized materials by exposure. This characteristics makes repaired unapparent.
The color change is proof that the film protects iron by oxidizing zinc in the coating.
This color change is not abnormal and does not affect the rust prevention performance.
The photo below shows a plate with ROVAL ZC coating on the upper half of a galvanized plate.

Before exposureAfter 3 months


Power up!

Reinforce anti-corrosion performance as a topcoat to ROVAL.

Line up & specification

Recommended film thickness40μm (20μm x 2 coats)
Dry to touch time20 – 40 minutes
Heat resistance90˚C
ROVAL ZC Galvanizing Repair Metallic Spray 420ml

Painting area: 1m2 (2 coats)
Packaging: 24 cans / case