ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound

Suitable for repairing old galvanizing surfaces or as a top coat for “ROVAL Cold Galvanizing Compound”.

ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound is the designer’s choice because of the silver hue.
83% zinc in its dry film maintains high anti-corrosion performance compared with other normal paints. Suitable for repairing old galvanized materials or as a top-coat for ROVAL.

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Finishes in a color similar to hot-dip galvanizing.

Galvanized steel pipes
Railway Noise barrier

Easy-to-handle, single liquid type compound & Aerosol


Use ROVAL as primer for better anti-corrosion performance.

To achieve best anti-rust effect, ROVAL (R) is highly recommended to be used as primer when using ROVAL SILVER (RS) to do anti-corrosion pretreatment of steel, large-area coating or in severe corrosive environment.
If applying ROVAL SILVER alone without primer, the thickness of the coating film must be more than 80μm.

1st Apply ROVAL

Color weathering of ROVAL SILVER

The film of ROVAL SILVER weathers the same as galvanized materials by exposure.
This characteristics makes repaired unapparent.
The photo below shows a plate with ROVAL SILVER coating on the upper half of a galvanized plate.

Before exposureAfter 3 months

The appearance of color change varies depending on the environment.
The color change is proof that the film protects iron by oxidizing zinc in the coating.
This color change is not abnormal and does not affect the rust prevention performance.

Example of color change:

parking lot RS01parking lot RS02
Right after paintingAfter 3 years

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Line up & specification

Recommended film thickness80μm (40μm x 2 coats)
Theoretical coverage500g/m2 (250g x 2 coats)
Dry to touch time30 – 60 minutes
Heat resistance170˚C
ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Spray 420ml

Painting area: 0.4m2 (2 coats)
Packaging: 24 cans / case
ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound

Painting area: 3m2 (2 coats)
Packaging: 4 cans / case
ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound

Painting area: 14m2 (2 coats)
Packaging: 1 can
ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound

Painting area: 40m2 (2 coats)
Packaging: 1 Pail
Packaging: 4 cans / case

Packaging: 1 Pail