Anti-corrosion protection for steel

Restoration of galvanized surfaces

Alternative to hot-dip galvanizing

Renovation of galvanized surfaces

ROVAL Can be used in Factories and Construction sites.

ROVAL is a paint that can maximize the anti-corrosion ability of zinc.
As it’s prepackaged in single packs, it doesn’t require mixing, or the additional use of a primer or top coat. It’s easy to use and can be applied directly to steel and galvanized surfaces.

Like other conventional paints, it can be applied with a brush or a roller, as a conventional spray, or an air-less spray. An aerosol version is also available.

ROVAL can be used not only for touch-ups of cut surfaces, welds and non-plated parts, but also for large steel structures and parts that are difficult to be hot-dip galvanized.

ROVAL can be applied directly to old or thin galvanized surfaces to prolong the anti-corrosion effect, without the need for additional re-galvanization.

ROVAL combines the ease of painting with the excellent corrosion resistance of hot-dip galvanizing.
Since ROVAL is simply applied in standard temperatures, it is called Cold galvanizing compound.

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