From normal paint to ROVAL

This is a photograph of steel frames 7 years after being painted with conventional paint.
The paint film has deteriorated and rust has spread throughout.
This steel frame will be repainted with ROVAL.

1. Surface preparetion

1. Remove all the rust and old paint film with a power tool.

2. Expose the clean steel surface.

2. Adequate agitation

3. Agitate sufficiently to obtain uniform density with a powered agitation.

3. Sufficient film thickness

4. Apply ROVAL and do not spread too thinly.

5. Apply 2nd coat
After 30 minutes curing time, apply second coat on the dry surface.
(Low temperature prolongs curing time.)

6. After fully cured, measure the dry film thickness.
*Apply again to a thinly coated area.


7. Repainting completed

After 10 years No rust!

Here is a photograph of steel frames 10 years after being repainted with ROVAL.
There is no rust.

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