Notice of Completion and Relocation of New Factory

The new ROVAL Hirakata factory has been completed and will start operations from May 8th, 2023.
The former Katano Factory will be closed at the end of April, and all Sales, Research and Development, and Manufacturing departments will be transferred to the Hirakata Factory.
The new factory will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a large-capacity warehouse for dangerous goods on a site area twice that of the previous factory, and we will strive to provide a stable supply of products and further improve quality.

<Hirakata Factory>
Open May 8th, 2023!
1-1, Nomura motomachi, Hirakata, Osaka, 573-0132 Japan
TEL: +81-72-894-7590
FAX: +81-72-894-7593