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Certified anti-corrosion performance
Cold Galvanizing ROVAL Method

ROVAL Method Certificate
ROVAL has been certified to have equivalent anti-corrosion performance as hot-dip galvanizing by the Council for Construction Technology Review and Certification in Japan.

Certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Japan

Minister Certificate
ROVAL’s excellent performance was recognized and certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Japan.
This is a law on the anticorrosion performance of steel framed houses, and it has been recognized that ROVAL’s coating is equivalent to the highest grade coating system.

ROVALHighest grade coating system
1stROVALZinc rich primer
2ndROVALEpoxy primer
3rdEpoxy resin Enamel
4thEpoxy resin Enamel

ISO9001, ISO14001 Certificate

ISO9001 in China
(Shanghai ROVAL Zinc Rich Paint Corporation)
ISO14001 in China
(Shanghai ROVAL Zinc Rich Paint Corporation)
ISO9001 in Japan
(ROVAL Corporation)
ISO14001 in Japan
(ROVAL Corporation)

Other certification

Certificate of RoHS compliance

Technical data

ROVAL Series Paint Specifications
15 year exposure test result
The difference of anti-corrosion mechanisms
Hardness of the film
Heat and cold resistance

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